Rent a beach house and ride a wave

Every Christmas and New Year the pop-up restaurant scene in La Pedrera gets better and better and what better way to enjoy this quirky, loveable beach town
Get high
In 2013 President Pepe Mujica announced he was nationalizing the country's cannabis industry so stoners would have to buy weed from government suppliers. Until that kicks in, the country has 3,000 registered personal growers, so there's pots of it about.

Chill in the countryside

Colonia del Sacramento is one of Latin America's best preserved colonial towns, attracting ferry-loads of day trippers from Buenos Aires. Escape 

Work on your all-over tan

There are plenty of deserted beaches in Uruguay where nobody would know or care if you dropped your drawers, but if you fancy sharing your secrets, head over to Chihuahua beach outside Punta del Este for a spot of no-nonsense nudism.

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